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Let's Start The New Generation of Cloud Mining With the Highest Profit

Asia Cloud Mining LTD, Provides a new generation of Real cloud mining opportunity, for all the people who desire to mine various CryptoCurrencies.
Start Your Mining in a minute with 210% less cost by the use of green solar energy without any hidden costs, Fully anonymously and with no limitations.


can change your life


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We accept most of the CryptoCurrencies for both Mining Hashrate purchase and Mining Income Payout.

No Verification and KYC required

You don't need any verification or KYC for any of our services. You can be fully anonymous.

Real Mining & Safe accounting

We have real farms in different parts of Asia and your money is used to extend mining farms.

100% Transparency

You can monitor your equipment with your user interface. We don't have any hidden or extra fee.

Good Partnership commission

We offer 2 Programs for our Partnership commission. You can earn good profit with the Partnership Programs.

3 Farms 4 contracts

You can Choose one of our Cloud Mining Plans (Contracts) Regarding the amount you want to pay for hashrate or the period of the contracts.


250 Days

Daily Forecast


Total Forecast


Mining Algorithm SHA-256
$10 USD = 2.50 GH/s
Min (USD) $10.00
Maintenance Fee $0.00
Payout Manual up to 20 hours
Most Popular

270 Days

Daily forecast


Total forecast


Mining Algorithm SHA-256
$10 USD = 2.85 GH/s
Min (USD) $100.00
Maintenance Fee $0.00
Payout Manual up to 20 hours

300 Days

Daily forecast


Total forecast


Mining Algorithm SHA-256 Pro
$10 USD = 3.33 GH/s
Min (USD) $1000.00
Maintenance Fee $0.00
Payout Manual up to 20 hours

330 Days

Daily forecast


Total forecast


Mining Algorithm SHA-256 Pro
$10 USD = 5 GH/s
Min (USD) $10000.00
Maintenance Fee $0.00
Payout Manual up to 20 hours

Full Free Cloud Mining Contract...!

Free Plan (Contract) is for Testing and Learning our Cloud Mining Platform

As soon as you Register on our website, Your Free Contract will be started automatically with your $2 register bonus.
We offer $2 Register Bonus as Mining Hashrate to all of our new users.
You can get many more Free Bonuses as hashrate on the free Contracts by completing the bonuses tasks on the "Bonus" page.
The daily Forecast for free Contract is 0.5 % Daily (the same as beginner contract, but for 1000 Days) which is fully free!!!
The Free Contract is available for all the users even without any hashrate purchase.
All our Bonuses are in Bitcoin (the king of cryptos) and you can cash out your bonuses income by Bitcoin.
In the other Contracts, You can Cash out your mining income by the same currency you have purchased your Contract.
Min Payout for all currencies is $1 except Bitcoin, $8
The Transaction Fee for all Contracts will be paid by the Clients at the time of Payout.
There is No other limitations for Payouts in the all Contracts.

Free Contract
Without any purchase

    1000 Days Free Contract
  • Daily Forecast : 0.5 % Daily
  • Manual Payout up to 20 hours

In CloudMining.Asia Contracts, Sudden Changes in the CryptoCurrencies' Price Don't Affect Your Fixed Mining Income!

What is Going on Asia Cloud Mining Company?

CloudMining.Asia is a platform of Bitcoin Mining which utilizes a remote data center with shared processing power. This platform enables users to mine Bitcoin without any equipment or experience.
This platform is hosted, maintained and supported by "Asia Cloud Mining Farms"

All a customer needs to do is simply to register and purchase Cloud Mining or Cloud Hosting Contracts.
Regarding using green solar energy and the most modern technologies to mine in Asia Cloud Mining Farms, there are no hidden extra fees and the maintenance fee has been decreased to minimum so the resulted income is the most prominent mining profit in this market.

Nowadays, Cloud Mining is becoming more and more popular and here in CloudMining.Asia we are doing our best to deliver the best and the fastest service possible in the market.

We offer 2 Main Services to all the people from all over the world:
- Cloud Mining by Purchasing Mining Hashrate with the highest income by more than 25 CryptoCurrencies
- Cloud Hosting by Selling and Hosting Mining Machines in our Modern Mining Farms with the lowest cost

Selling & Hosting The most Modern Mining Machines new

In CloudMining.Asia you can buy the most modern mining machines in the market with the lowest price, and we will host your Mining Machines up to the time you desire with 0% maintenance fee.
You can sell your Mining Machines any time you want to our company with -30% of initial price, or we can post your mining machines to you, anywhere you are interested.

Our Contracts
starts from

$ 0.02

Per KW


1% Pool fee

Monthly basis

Cloud Hosting

Please be honest as you like us to be honest!

Since our bonuses are real hashrates on our mining machines in our farms and as we have Good Partnership commission, each user with each IP and each device can have only and only ONE account.
Be sure that if we find more than one account with the same IP or device, We will BLOCK all the Fake accounts without any warning.
Since we accept all the people from all over the world without any limitations or verifications, There is no reason to use VPN / Proxy to use our services.
We know each user only by his email address so for more security, You can not change your email after your registration. Additionally, you need email verification for each payout, So please be careful about your email address at the time of registration.
So please be honest with us as we are absolutely honest with all of you.


You can verify the transactions on the Blockchain.

Referral Partnership Program

In CloudMining.Asia, We offer the opportunity of referral partnership and earning Partnership commission.
All the users in CloudMining.Asia can participate in the referral partnership programs by their referral link in their account area.
To take part in this programs, Copy your referral link from your dashboard (account area), "Marketing" page and give it to others and invite them to register on CloudMining.Asia with your referral link.
Then if your referrals purchase mining hashrate in one of our Cloud Mining or Cloud Hosting Contracts, You will earn Partnership commission for 1 Level.
We offer two kinds of referral partnership program :

05 %

General Referral Partnership

Available For All Users After Registration

10 %

Representative Referral Partnership

Available For The Users With 5 Active Referrals